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remarkable Tree Performance Records

... the oldest tree alive on our planet is a Spruce in the North of Sweden - this tree would have started growing 9,550 years ago !

    A beech of an age of 100yrs and an approximate height of 25 mtrs.
    will unfold a yearly leaf-area of 1,600m²
    and produce enough oxigene per day to supply 10 people with the vital elixir of life !
    This tree, if cut down, will have to be replaced by  2,500 young plants of equal species in order to keep
     oxigene levels at balance and make up for its loss !
                         The highest trees on Earth are found amongst broadleaves.
                          A Eucalyptus species, native to Tasmania, has the potential
                          to grow over 135 metres towards the sky.
                         This record height is even more astonishing as the capillar effect, responsible for
                         the transportation of water up into a tree´s crown,
                         is becoming ineffective due to the law of gravity from a height of 100mtrs. onwards !
     The speed of vertical water absorbtion in an Oak, for example, can reach a height of 44mtrs within just one hour
     and is mostly exercised on nightshifts, during the phase of moonshine -  then, when the main rate of growth is taking place !
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