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 Anchoring roots         part of the main root system, vital to a tree´s integrity
annual rings                  the annual increments of wood in a tree as seen in transverse
                                        cut sections of a stem
                                        (as they are actually three-dimensional, they are really more
                                        cylinders or cones, rather than rings)
arboriculture                 formerly, the culture of trees
assessment                   in relation to tree hazards, the process of estimating the risk 
                                        which a tree or a group of trees poses to persons or property
Bark                              a term, usually only applied to the woody part of the bark,
                                       outside the vascular cambium
barrier zone                  a layer within an annual increment of wood, forming a strong
                                       barrier to the growth of harmful micro-organisms following an
bole (trunk)                    the main stem of a tree below its first major branch
branch bark-ridge        the raised arc of bark tissues that forms within the acute
                                       angle between a branch and its parent stem
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